The Impact Home Office or working from home

Permanent Home Office is the new process . What impact does it have on existing processes ( and maybe more).
Hr Processes:
a. Hiring process is done remotely
b. Remote management as well for line managers as functional manager
c. Time tracking. Important for when an accident happens is it private accident or company accident ( different processes )
d. Yearly evaluation can be done only via Key Performance Indicators ( are the already set.)
e. Health and Safety Process will be changed . Who is responsible for what? Are you going to do auditing the Home Office.
f. Social effect . No Colleagues around for conversations around the coffee/thee machines. Do you have a Personal Coach (PC) on your payroll so he/she can guide your employees to prepare for the new changes ?
G. New way of team building remotely via social media ?

IT Processes:
a. Who is responsible for maintaining the IT system at home inclusive back up Data. Is it still needed to work with Cloud or shared disks ?
b. Is it save to work with Private computers on the company net work of does the company supply with computers and mobile phone?

Finance processes:
a. What to do with the empty office spaces and how can your reduce the cost ?
d. What does the company has to pay and how do you finance it.

Business Continuity Process (BCP) is going to change the risk is now spread because you have more locations where people work but it also means more risk you run that can influence your business but likely with less impact

As you see one subject ,Home office , has a big impact on your business. How big that depends on your business , small or medium company of are you Multinational and what kind off branch are you in ? Of course there are more Business Processes Improvement needed to be ready for the future

So my question to you is : Are all your Business Processes ready for the future or do you need Specialised Consultants like me who has many years experience ?

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Thanks and Stay Save

Leo Bally
Senior Consultant for Business Processes Improvement and Personal Coaching