SCHMOC stands for Synergy of the 6 following areas;

1.SOP, Standard Operational Procedure

2.Corporate Culture

3.Human Resources

4.Mission, Vision & Strategy

5.Organization Structure

6.Core Competences

The SCHMOC report is a graphical spider web report what shows the strong and the improving areas. This balance scorecard is made up by 5 questions per subject and when each question is correctly answered, it is awarded with 1 point.
Questions can be like:
1.Do you have…. ?
2.Does everybody know it ….?
3.Is it up to date?
4.Are people working with it?
5.How are you improving it?

The results can be like this

Here shows that in score 1 the items 4, 5 and 6 need to be improved and
tem 3 only be monitored.
Score 2 is in balance and no further action is needed.

The purpose of this report is not showing what or who is doing good or bad but which areas need improvement.
Of course you can do this report by yourself but due to objective approach it is better to let it done by an external advisory company such as B4Q.