The future is changed and are you ready?

The world is changing constantly sometimes fast sometimes slow. As we all know Corona has changed the world rapidly and mostof us doesn’t realise what the impact is?
For example I received a Job offer as a remote (home) Project Manager for a company in the USA.There are only three criteria’s that I have to met:

  1. Am I qualified as Agile remote Project Manager ?
  2. Do I have a fast stable internet with minimum speed of 20 Mb download ?
  3. Can I work USA time that means in the Czech Republic from 14:00 till 22:00 local time ?
This is the major change in in the way of thinking and working
Is you company ready for this change or do you need external consultant to guide you and or your company though the changes.
If you are not ready please contact me for :
  1. Business Process Improvement (BPI)
  2. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Projects and or
  3. Personal Coaching (PC) for those who needs to get to be ready to accept the changes

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